Tesla Begins Construction of V3 Supercharger Station in Alaska, the Northernmost in North America

Tesla Begins Construction of V3 Supercharger Station in Alaska, the Northernmost in North America

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Tesla has begun construction of a Supercharger station in Alaska, which will consist of four V3 stalls. The charging station will be the northernmost in North America.

A Tesla Supercharger station is finally arriving in Alaska. The first place they will be located is in Soldotna, about three hours from Anchorage. The new charger station will be located at AK-1 in Whistle Hill, where there is a new seating area with two restaurants. There are already three Tesla Destination chargers there and the Superchargers will complement them. The charging station will consist of four V3 stalls to provide owners with the fastest charging the company has offered to date.

According to information on Tesla's website, the opening date is scheduled for Q3 2021, although the company may change the timing, depending on its plans and capabilities. Nevertheless, according to the observations of enthusiasts, the manufacturer has already begun construction, which means that there is a high probability that Tesla will be on time and will not change plans.

According to the photo taken by @BraedenGarrett1/Twitter, the company is actively building there. At the moment, there is construction equipment on the site that dug a pit for placing Superchargers and laying electrical cables.

Two Weeks/Tesla Motors Club has shared an image of where and how the new Supercharger station will be located.

The building permit for the Supercharger station in Soldotna was filed in mid-March. Many residents of the city and the surrounding area were happy about this, but since there was no activity on the site for about five months, they began to worry. Nevertheless, as soon as Tesla received permission, construction of the charging station began.

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