Tesla Begins Offering Test Drives of Model S & X Plaid in Europe

Tesla Begins Offering Test Drives of Model S & X Plaid in Europe

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Tesla begins offering test drives of Model S and Model X Plaid in Europe. Now consumers will be able to feel the power of Plaid, as well as try out the yoke steering wheel before placing an order.

Model S and Model X Plaid have finally made it to the shores of Europe to please Tesla customers. In December 2022, the company began delivering thousands of units and will continue this year. The start of deliveries also made it possible to fill the company's showrooms in various European countries with new products. It seems that now some cars have been intended for test drives, something that was previously unavailable.

On Tuesday, Tesla announced on Twitter that the Model S and Model X Plaid are now available for test drives in Europe. The company has attached a video of a ride in one of the cars to convey the thrill to its viewers. This announcement was great news as there are sure to be plenty of consumers who would like to experience the car.

In addition to the vivid sensations that are sure to be received while driving these new products, consumers will also be able to solve one important question for themselves. Last week, when ordering the Model S and X, Tesla began offering two steering wheel options instead of the previous only one. When Tesla started offering upgraded cars, they were equipped with a yoke steering wheel. It was the only option at the time, though many buyers asked for a regular steering wheel to be offered, and now they have got it.

The yoke steering wheel seems unusual but offers some advantages over the regular steering wheel, ranging from a cool look to not obstructing the panoramic view, which is extremely convenient. Plenty of Model S and Model X owners appreciated the yoke steering wheel, but there were plenty of those who wanted the regular steering wheel option, which stopped them from buying there new Tesla cars. Now consumers will be able to try driving the cars with a yoke steering wheel in order to make the final decision and order a car with the steering wheel that will be optimal for them.

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