Tesla Begins Replacing HW3 for Model 3 in Germany for Full Self-Driving FSD

by Eva Fox April 13, 2021

Tesla Begins Replacing HW3 for Model 3 in Germany for Full Self-Driving FSD

Photo courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Tesla has begun replacing Full Self-Driving (FSD) equipment in Model 3s in Germany. The first replacements will take place on Monday, April 19 and this will mark the official start of the Hardware 3 (HW3) replacement for the Model 3 in Europe.

Tesmanian reported last week that a service center representative in Hannover contacted the owner of a Tesla Model 3 to inform him that the process of replacing the old HW 2 and 2.5 with the new HW3 will begin in two weeks. A Tesla representative also said that each service center received about 50 replacement kits.

Now, @malehma/Twitter has reported that the replacement process will soon begin in Munich as well. He reported that Tesla has confirmed the FSD computer upgrade appointment for his Model 3 for April 19. This is great news and heralds the beginning of HW3 replacements across Germany, and soon Model 3 owners will receive the latest FSD equipment.

As a reminder, The HW3 upgrade will be available for Tesla vehicles equipped with HW2 and HW2.5, whose owners have purchased the company's FSD package. The new HW3 has been installed in all new Model S and Model X vehicles since March 2019 and in all new Model 3 vehicles produced since April of that year, so the company is making replacements for other vehicles manufactured before that time.

The Tesla HW3 upgrade is an important part of the company's plans to roll out a full version of its FSD. HW3 is specifically designed to achieve full autonomy, making it invaluable to Tesla's plans to release a network of unmanned robotaxis and ride-hailing.

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