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Tesla Becomes Rising Star Among Tech-Savvy Professionals In South Korea


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The Tesla brand has become popular among tech-savvy professionals in South Korea and could indicate the company’s potential growth in the country over time. Studies have shown that brands are important to South Korean consumers. So Tesla's brand popularity among tech-savvy professionals could solidify its place in South Korea’s automotive market.

Kang Sung-mo, who manages an advertising production agency in Seoul, replaced the Hyundai crossover he bought in Summer 2019 with a Tesla Model 3 a few months later in December.

Dang claimed that Tesla’s reputation for innovation was good for his public image, which may be the reason he bought the Tesla Model 3. “I’m not interested in cars, but I am interested in the Tesla brand and its technology,” Kang told Reuters.

Another new Tesla Model 3 owner, Kim Dong-Hwan, claimed that the company’s self-driving feature helped him prevent driving fatigue during his long commute to work. “I am very satisfied given that Tesla’s self-driving feature has reduced fatigue while driving,” said Kim.

Based on Kang’s view of the Tesla brand, the American EV automaker is establishing itself as an innovative car company in South Korea, which seems to appeal to local consumers. Tesla’s vehicles have become a status symbol to some consumers, but they are also functional, making its' cars more appealing.

A study published in the Korea Journal by Seung-Hee Lee revealed that there was a significant relationship between personal values and brand consciousness among young Korean consumers.

Info Cubic elaborates on and explains the study’s findings in simpler terms. “Similar to western consumers, South Koreans consider brands as a representation of their image and are used to indicate their social status,” it wrote.

It seems that the Tesla brand has become associated with more than just an auto company in South Korea. It has taken on a more non-physical presence associated with success and innovation. The EV automaker has even inspired the creation of a cocktail made of HiteJinro's Terra-brand beer and Soju. The cocktail's name combines the two alcoholic beverages' names together which make out "Tesla" in Korean. It has become the latest trendy cocktail in South Korean bars. 

In the United States, people who support the company perceive Tesla as more than an automaker, too. Tesla is seen as a metaphorical vehicle of change that advocates for a greener future by using natural resources smarter in the US. 

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