Tesla Builds Collision Center in Reno, Nevada, with Area for Semi Repair

Tesla Builds Collision Center in Reno, Nevada, with Area for Semi Repair

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Tesla plans to build a collision center in Reno, Nevada, with space to repair Tesla Semi. This is the first known location for the Semi's repair indicating preparations for a wider market release of the truck.

Tesla began delivering Semis in early December 2022, handing over at least 36 trucks to PepsiCo. Heavy trucks have been actively used by the company since the early days and are busy delivering goods to stores and between the two company's sites. Like any other vehicle, Tesla Semi will eventually need maintenance and the manufacturer has begun preparations for this.

Drive Tesla has discovered that the company is preparing a dedicated location for servicing and repairing Semis. The facility will be located at 1195 Corporate Blvd, Reno, Nevada. According to the documents, the building at this address belonged to Tesla, where it had a collision center there, however it will be demolished. The plan showed that a new 44,477-square-foot building would be built in its place. The construction cost is about $4.4 million, according to the filing.

The plans show that inside the building there will be five special booths for Semi. Three of them will be located in the center of the building next to the “Semi Paint Booth.” The fourth is located on the left rear side of the building and is listed as an “open bay for Semi,” and the fifth is adjacent to it. In addition, the building will have a double wash bay, which also includes a space for Semi. There are five 17ft x 29ft parking spaces special for trucks and extra space for “Semi truck maneuvering.”

Of the equipment that will be in this Collision Center, there are Semi Paint Booth, “alignment system, lift wheel balancer and tire changer.”

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