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Tesla Builds First V4 Supercharger Site in US

Tesla Builds First V4 Supercharger Site in US

Credit: UNCLe/Tesla Motors Club

Tesla is building its first V4 Supercharger site in the US. The charging station will be located in Wilsonville, Oregon, providing the best experience for local EV owners and visitors.

In recent months, Tesla has been actively installing V4 Superchargers in various countries across Europe. This make local EV enthusiasts very happy, as the charging stations are open for use for all electric vehicles. However, in the United States, the company was in no hurry to deploy the new Supercharger type.

It seems that the situation has changed, as the construction of the country's first V4 Supercharger site has been spotted. Tesla Motors Club member UNCLe shared information and photos on the forum. On August 28, he noticed the construction of a new Tesla Supercharger station in Wilsonville, Oregon, in the SE corner of Pet Smart facing Costco. Activity on the site and the unusual installation method led to the idea that it could be a V4 Supercharger site, although there was no confirmation of this. This week, the company installed the piles and it became clear that this is indeed a new type of charging station. This was great news for local EV enthusiasts.

It remains unknown at this time whether the new V4 Supercharger station will be immediately available to all makes and models of EVs in the US. In Europe, the new charging stations are open to all EVs, but the company's policy for the US remains unknown. Plenty of EV manufacturers in the US have adopted Tesla's charging standard, so it is expected that V4 Superchargers will be available to everyone at some point. Their design is specially developed to meet the needs of various EVs. This includes an extended charging cable, as well as a card reader for card payments for those users who do not want to install and use the Tesla App.

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