Tesla Michigan Direct Sales Live On as House Bill 6233 Is Dead in Senate

Tesla Michigan Direct Sales Live On as House Bill 6233 Is Dead in Senate

Tesla, like other manufacturers who copied its sales model, now has a free hand in Michigan. Michigan House Bill 6233 "effectively died in the Michigan Senate in the final weeks of legislating," reported Roadshow.

The news agency reports that a Lucid spokesman told them on Monday that the state Senate decided last Friday not to take up the bill before its recess. There are no plans to address HB 6233, either, according to the spokesperson.

"Lucid Motors is pleased that HB 6233 failed after the Michigan Senate ended its session without taking action on the bill," the company said in a statement. "The legislation passed by the Michigan House of Representatives was anticompetitive and undermined consumers' access to different products and consistent, dependable automotive service. These legislative efforts - and similar efforts in other states - are clearly driven by special interests, not consumers, as nearly 70% of all EVs sold in Michigan in 2019 were sold directly to consumers."

Although Bill 6233 is dead, Lucid expects the Michigan Legislature to address the matter once again at its next session. It remains confident that state leaders will make the right decisions for their constituencies, and contribute to economic growth.

The bill, unveiled in September with some changes, was aimed at barring other start-up automakers like Rivian and Lucid from selling their cars directly to consumers, as Tesla does in Michigan under an agreement between the state and the automaker. But, in early December, the state's House of Representatives closed a back door that allowed Tesla to continue delivering cars in the state directly, excluding the corresponding wording from the bill, signed back in January this year.

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