Tesla Celebrates Registration of its 100,000th Vehicle in Norway

Tesla Celebrates Registration of its 100,000th Vehicle in Norway

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Tesla celebrated the registration of its 100,000th car in Norway. The manufacturer's vehicles are the most beloved in the local market, as Norwegians value reliable and high-quality electric vehicles that help them make an important contribution to the global climate situation.

Norwegians love Tesla, which is why they have bought tens of thousands of its vehicles since its launch. The manufacturer in Norway has repeatedly reached new heights, setting various sales records. The manufacturer's vehicles have topped the lists of best-selling electric vehicles many times and have actually shaped the electric vehicle market in the country. In addition, the brand has created competition not only for electric vehicles, but also for their gasoline counterparts, because its car models have become the best-selling among all in Norway.

The country of about 5.4 million people recently celebrated an important milestone. Lasse Edvardsen/Twitter, who follows the manufacturer's sales in the country, reported that the 100,000th Tesla vehicle was registered on December 28, which sums up the brand's success in Norway perfectly.

In 2022, Tesla ran into difficulties: Giga Shanghai, its export hub, was closed for more than three weeks in Q2, delaying vehicle deliveries. However, ramping up production at Giga Berlin, as well as increasing Giga Shanghai's production capacity in Q3, has allowed Tesla to shine again in Norway. Model Y continued to hold the top spot in sales in 2022, and recently also broke the record for the best-selling car in a single year. As of December 22, 16,701 Model Ys have been registered for all of 2022, meaning the vehicle has set a new single-year sales record, overtaking the previous leader. The Volkswagen Beetle registered 16,699 cars in Norway in 1969.

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