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Elon Musk Donated 1M Trees to Mr. Beast's #TeamTrees, Dedicated to Treebeard


Elon Musk donated 1 million trees to the #TeamTrees campaign, started by Youtuber Mr. Beast. Musk’s donation has garnered a lot of attention and helped the ambitious campaign gain some more traction, revealing the power of people banding together for a better tomorrow and a better Earth. 

Elon Musk first noticed Mr. Beast’s #TeamTrees campaign after he announced via Twitter that 6 million trees had been donated. Along with the announcement, the YouTuber provided a visual representation of just 5,000 trees being planted on Fortnite. Tesla’s CEO was intrigued by the post and asked for more information about #TeamTrees. Musk wondered what kind of trees were being planted and where they would be located. 

Another YouTuber supporting Mr. Beast’s goal, Marques Brownlee, sent Elon the official website for the #TeamTrees campaign. Brownlee also vouched that it was legitimate. It seemed to be all Musk needed as he immediately promised to donate 1 million trees to Mr. Beast’s cause. 

Musk’s attention to Mr. Beast’s campaign caught the attention of YouTube. The media streaming site has promised to match the next 1 million tree donation. Elon has since changed his twitter handle to @Treelon and dedicated his contribution to Treebeard, an Ent from Lord of the Rings. For those unfamiliar with the tree species, Ents were facing extinction—partly due to the fact that the male Ents had misplaced their wives. Ents were enraged when Saruman killed tons of trees to make Sauron’s army and fought with Merry and Pippin to take the evil White Wizard down.

Just like Treebeard helped Merry and Pippin save the trees of Middle of Earth, Elon Musk—under the superhero name Treelon—has helped Mr. Beast save the Earth’s future. Not many people realize how much reforestation can affect our home planet’s future. A study published in Science, scientists have found that reforestation can help mitigate climate change and may even be the best solution for it, reported National Geographic


Mr. Beast started his #TeamTrees campaign in May 2019, after many of his viewers challenged him to plant 20 million trees for reaching 20 million subscribers. The philanthropic YouTuber has teamed with Arbor Day Foundation for #TeamTrees. 

As of this writing, almost 8 million trees have been donated to Mr. Beast’s cause, and Elon Musk has donated the most. Other prolific YouTubers such as the Try Guys and the Yes Theory group and other big names in the video streaming service have donated their own trees. 

Donations can be sent here. It’s $1 for one tree. 

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