Tesla CEO Elon Musk Delivered 1K Ventilators To LA as Promised, California Governor “It’s a Heroic Effort”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Delivered 1K Ventilators To LA as Promised, California Governor “It’s a Heroic Effort”

All unbiased people, and those who know Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, know that he is man of heart. Like any person, he has his own view of the situation, but in spite of everything he hears those who speak to him.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, a virus that infects the lungs, there is an increased need for ventilators. Some members of the Tesla community turned to Elon in order to draw his attention to this. And they were heard.

On March 18, Elon announced that he would start making ventilators. March 22, Tesla, Ford and GM received permission to produce ventilators. From the moment he said that he would do them before obtaining permission, it took only 4 days, but, apparently, the inventor did not lose time in vain.

March 21, he talked to CleanTechnica, and said:

"We have 250k N95 masks. Aiming to start distributing those to hospitals tomorrow night. Should have over 1000 ventilators by next week."

The next day, the masks were sent to hospitals across the country. UW MedicineColumbia University Irving Medical CenterUCLA Health Hospital.  But, Elon did not stop there and showed what it really means to act immediately.
As it became known just now, that 1,000 ventilators from Elon Musk arrived in Los Angeles today.

China now has an excessive number of ventilators, so Elon purchased 1255 FDA-approved ventilators from them on Friday night and sent them to Los Angeles.

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced during a press conference that California tech company executives including Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX and Tim Cook of Apple will be helping the fight against coronavirus by donating and producing health supplies and equipment including masks and ventilators.

The governor said that Elon Musk is working overtime, he is thinking about how he can organize cooperation with other large and small companies in order to expedite the production of components for ventilators. Musk is thinking about how he can help through his supply chain.

It became known that Elon want to used a 3D printer for the production of ventilators. Due to this, the necessary equipment can be produced very quickly, which should help quickly cover the need for hospitals in them.


This is unbelievable, it took only a few days to help many hospitals and their patients. Elon promised, and he fulfilled this promise. In this difficult time, all people must unite so that we can cope with the disease.

Elon, thank you for not losing faith in humanity and in spite of everything you are trying to help everyone in difficult times!

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