Tesla Was a Startup, Now 'Every Major Product Line Is a Startup,' Says Elon Musk

Tesla Was a Startup, Now 'Every Major Product Line Is a Startup,' Says Elon Musk
Tesla has always had a unique approach to doing business. This applies to both the external policy of the company and its internal structure. Tesla's CEO Elon Musk previously said that his company should be seen as a dozen tech startups.

Musk mentioned it again during the Q3 2020 Earnings Call today. He explained there are over a dozen startups in Tesla, and he views every product line and factory as a startup.

"Every major product line is a startup. Every big new plant is a startup."

In addition to cars, Tesla offers car insurance, produces batteries, solar panels, makes machines that will then make machines, and builds unique factories. Musk also explained that some of the so-called startups include autonomy, chip development, vehicle service, sales, designing a drive unit, motors, Supercharger networks, etc.

Each subdivision is like a separate organ, the joint work of which guarantees the rapid development of the company. Given Tesla's success, we can conclude that this approach works quite well. Tesla is different in that it develops new products very quickly, and then implements them just as quickly.

We also know that the California manufacturer prefers to acquire companies that are engaged in the development of what it sees as great potential, and which will subsequently become a catalyst for Tesla's further development.

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