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Tesla CEO Elon Musk May Visit Giga Berlin on Sunday

Tesla CEO Elon Musk May Visit Giga Berlin on Sunday

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk may visit Giga Berlin on Sunday, according to rumors. While the purpose of the visit remains unknown, the head of the company has a lot of things to do in Germany ahead of the start of production ar the new factory.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk may head to Giga Berlin as early as this Sunday, Sawyer Merritt/Twitter shared, citing his unnamed source. At the moment, there is every reason to believe that this may be true since Sawyer's source has repeatedly provided exclusive information that later turned out to be true. At the moment, the reason for the visit remains unknown, but it is reported that the trip is not unexpected and was planned a while in advance.

Although the purpose of the visit remains unknown, the head of the company has a lot of work in Germany that may require his attention. The most important issue on the agenda is the launch of production at Giga Berlin, which has been delayed for several months. The so-called "environmental" organizations continue to prevent the factory from starting up while ignoring the really dangerous business in the region, which not only overuses water but also pollutes it. Their recent pressure on the Strausberg-Erkner Waters Association, with which Tesla has a water supply contract, has had a negative impact, however local politicians say this should not affect Giga Berlin's final approval process.

In addition to launching Giga Berlin, Musk may also have several meetings with politicians during which he will discuss important issues. During his previous visits to Germany, Musk has repeatedly met with politicians of various levels.

Also, since the final approval of the construction of the factory may be very soon, there is a possibility that Musk may visit Germany for the grand opening. However, it should be kept in mind that this is just speculation and we will be able to get more accurate information only later. 

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