Tesla CEO Elon Musk Receives Birthday Greetings from Dogs of Tesla Owners

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Receives Birthday Greetings from Dogs of Tesla Owners

Photo: Dogs of Tesla/Twitter

On June 28, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is celebrating his 50th birthday. After receiving congratulations from his fans, he was also congratulated by the cute dogs of Tesla car owners. The dogs were clearly extremely grateful to him for Dog Mode, so congratulations came from the depths of their hearts.

Dogs of Tesla/Twitter posted an adorable video in which dozens of dogs are photographed against the background of the screen, on which congratulations for Elon are written. Of course, all these photos and videos were taken by happy owners who are grateful to Tesla for the perfect vehicle for their families, which include pets.

The thing is that Tesla cars have an amazing Dog Mode, which allows owners to maintain a predetermined temperature in the car when the pet is left in it for a while. Elon loves dogs just like his adorable mom, so this mode was created with pet care in mind. That is why, in addition to the fan club where all the members are people, Tesla has several more clubs, for example, for dogs and for cats. This also became one of the components of Tesla's uniqueness.

Elon is an extraordinary person, as he kindles hearts, and encourages others with the desire to take care of each other. He created cars that don't pollute the environment and made them so cool that people want to drive them because of their unrivaled performance. Even if some don’t realize it, thousands of people get to drive a high-class car while taking care of the Earth. This is what motivates so many people to love Elon.

Tesmanian team also sincerely congratulates Elon Musk on a Happy 50th Birthday!

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