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Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s Fans In Japan Held A “Elon Mask” Party

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s Fans In Japan Held A “Elon Mask” Party

A group of Tesla fans arranged a costume party dedicated to Elon Musk.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, became the embodiment of the EV revolution around the world. His pursuit and goals, which he realizes with the help of his auto company, have become the reason why people around the world love him, and Japan was no exception.

February 22, @M3P_Stealth shared a very funny and inspiring video in which a group of people dressed in masks with the image of Elon Musk spend a pleasant time together.

Musk is popular in Japan and Tesla fans would really like him to visit their country. In an interview for Tesmanian, @M3P_Stealth said: "Since Elon did not come to Japan at all, we decided, 'Let's take this opportunity to call Elon to Japan!!'." This video was intended to show how much they love him.

This party was attended by 29 Tesla car owners. The masks were designed and manufactured by Tesla owner shops called "Polish Garage".

"We had a good time talking about" Your thoughts about Tesla "at a delicious pizza restaurant," says @M3P_Stealth.

"Everyone loves Tesla cars and Elon and is very sympathetic to what Elon does and support him," he says and assures that party participants will continue to create something stunning and even more interesting. "Elon's goals and products are wonderful, and we will continue to create even more amazing products. "

There are already about 500 cars owners in the Tesla Japan Facebook community, and in the future they will continue to share the Tesla call to increase the number of members in this group.

@M3P_Stealth says that Japanese owners still have some restrictions. For example, a white interior is not available for them to order, also due to the laws of Japan, Tesla owners cannot use Smart Summon. @M3P_Stealth would also like to see more Superchargers built in the country.

Currently, according to the Tesla website, there are 23 Superchargers in the country. In the near future, it is planned to install another 9, which will increase their total number to 32.

Just a week ago, members of tesla_owners_club_japan shared photos of the opening of the new Tesla Supercharger on Instagram. The Supercharger consists of 8 stalls.

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全国23 カ所⽬となるスーパーチャージャーステーションのオープに合わせて近県のオーナーが集合! 広島スーパーチャージャーは、広島高速3号線 商工センターより約2分のショッピングセンター LECT(レクト)の駐車場内に。 広島の人は勿論、西日本、九州への移動が飛躍的に移動し易くなります。 近くには厳島や原爆ドームもあり充電だけで無く広島焼きや牡蠣も是非食べに行ってください。 #テスラ#モデルS#モデルX#モデル3#モデルY#ロードスター#サイバートラック#電気自動車 #Tesla#models#modelx#model3#Cybertruck#modelY#ElectricVehicle#車#車好きな人と繋がりたい#car#cars#リーフ#audi#bmw#Porsche#ポルシェ#タイカン#Taycan

Публикация от Tesla Owners Club Japan (@tesla_owners_club_japan)

Post provided by Alex Catrey

Owners from nearby prefectures met to open a new station. The Hiroshima supercharger is located in the LECT parking lot of the mall, about 2 minutes from the Hiroshima Expressway Line 3 mall.

This post says that now traveling to western Japan, Kyushu and Hiroshima will be much easier. There are also several historical sights nearby, so having a Supercharger at this point is very helpful.

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