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Tesla Autopilot Prevents Crash In China, Saving Driver & Pedestrian


Featured Image Credit: 巴巴巴巴巴图/Weibo

Tesla Autopilot prevented a crash in China, saving two lives in the process. The driver uploaded a video of the ordeal on Weibo, sharing his/her experience with Tesla Autopilot.

The driver wrote a short message about his/her experience, which roughly translated to: “I did not expect to go through such an experience after only two weeks of owning my car. Tesla successfully saved me. Over the weekend, I visited my hometown to visit my father. Autopilot was on the whole time during my trip. I didn’t have time to respond to the pedestrian that appeared in front of me.

Tesla Autopilot actively intervened, perfectly avoiding the person who had rushed over on the side of the road. If there were an accident, two lives would have been lost on the road that day. And it would have been tragic for two families. I still hope that drivers drive safely and travel cautiously. Thanks again to Tesla, and [I] hope that [Autopilot] will get better and better.


Credit: 巴巴巴巴巴图/Weibo

The driver’s words were pretty accurate and realistic. If Autopilot hadn’t detected the pedestrian, like the driver admits s/he didn’t, two families could have lost someone that day. Fortunately, Autopilot was activated and was able to react in time, proving once again that an extra set of eyes may be useful to drivers and make streets and roads safer for pedestrians.

Recently, Elon Musk announced that basic Tesla Autopilot activation via in-App purchases was reduced to US$2,000 until July. The drop in price makes Autopilot more accessible for Tesla owners who own older models. Currently, basic Tesla Autopilot is a standard feature in all the company’s new vehicles.

Tesla China will soon release Full Self-Driving’s Red Light & Stop Sign Control (Beta) feature for owners who purchased the package as well. The feature could help boost TSLA Q2 2020 revenue if it is released before the quarter ends. So far, Tesla has deferred recognizing FSD revenue in its income statements until the release of more features. Tesla may be able to recognize a small portion of its FSD revenue since it released its Red Light & Stop Sign Control (Beta) feature in the United States. 

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