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Tesla Unveils Its Massive Model Y Casting Machine In Giga Shanghai


Featured Image Credit: Tesla

Tesla has unveiled its massive Model Y casting machine in Giga Shanghai. A photograph of the gargantuan piece of machinery, as well as robots for the upcoming Model Y production line, was included in the electric car maker’s recently-released Q2 2020 Update Letter.

Tesla is currently hard at work building the Model Y factory in the Giga Shanghai complex. Over the past few months, workers have been working at the site in an effort to complete the EV manufacturing facility as quickly as possible. Tesla China’s efforts have been successful so far, with the Model Y production facility in the Phase 2A area completing its factory shell in June. 

Tesla-Model-Y-Production-LineCredit: Tesla

Drone flyovers of the Model Y factory in China have shown that the facility’s exterior was refined in a rapid manner. But over the past few weeks, it appeared that a notable amount of work on the Model Y factory has been shifted to the interior of the Phase 2A building. Local reports further suggested that there has been a rise in deliveries of vehicle production equipment at the Giga Shanghai site.

The image provided by Tesla in its Q2 2020 Update Letter proves that the company is indeed hard at work outfitting the newly-constructed building for Model Y production. The facility’s casting machine in particular is very impressive, commanding a massive space on the factory floor. Tesla did not provide much context about the image, but it appears that the Model Y casting machine is all but set up.


Credit: Tesla

Together with the Model Y’s casting press, Tesla’s Q2 2020 Update Letter also included a couple of photos showing robots that will be used to manufacture the all-electric crossover. The images are reminiscent of image leaks from the previous year, when Tesla China was building the Model 3 assembly line in the Phase 1 building.

Overall, the images from Giga Shanghai shared by Tesla suggest that Model Y production, or at least a trial run for the all-electric crossover, could begin sometime later this year. This should allow the company to refine its operations in the Phase 2A area to such a degree that the facility would be able to support a full production ramp by the first quarter of 2021.

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