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Tesla Giga Shanghai Hiring Battery Production Technicians in China, Readies for Next-Level Growth

Tesla Giga Shanghai Hiring Battery Production Technicians in China, Readies for Next-Level Growth

Tesla is actively expanding its presence in the Chinese market. China is the second-largest sales market for the company and will soon become one of the main points of car production for the Asian region. This is why Tesla China continues to recruit staff for various positions, including now: "battery production technician."

A relatively small building--next to the Tesla Model 3 assembly shop in Giga Shanghai--only manufactures modules and packages for cars, while lithium-ion cells are sourced from outside. In-house production of modular packages significantly saves time and costs for production and delivery. Apparently, the workshop continues to expand, because with the increase in production capacity for Model 3 and the imminent start of mass production of Model Y, the factory will need a whole lot more battery packs.

In the spring, Giga Shanghai announced large recruitment for all kinds of positions related to the production of batteries. And now, due to growing production, the recruitment of specialists continues. In the future, Giga Shanghai will host the production of the new Tesla 4680 battery cells presented at Battery Day.

In addition to battery production technician, Tesla China announced the recruitment for the positions of casting, stamping, bodywork, painting, final assembly, electric drive, supercharging, quality inspection, security, and logistics. It is clear that Giga Shanghai is preparing for big growth ahead.

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