Tesla China Integrates Ability to Unlock Anti-ICEing Floor Lock System into Phone App

Tesla China Integrates Ability to Unlock Anti-ICEing Floor Lock System into Phone App

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Owners of cars with internal combustion engines (ICEs) periodically apply aggression towards electric vehicles, blocking the entrance to charging stalls. Tesla owners are sometimes faced with this problem, and in various parts of the world. However, the company's team in China resorted to new measures. The manufacturer has installed a floor lock system on their Superchargers, and now Tesla car owners can unlock them using the company's mobile app.

Blocking the access to the stall for electric cars by ICE cars, known as ICEing, has become widespread around the world. This provoked Tesla to protect its customers, and China became the first country to implement the anti-ICEing floor lock system. This solution began to spread in 2019, but to unlock them, the owners used a third-party application. The owner had to scan a QR code in the stall and get a password, which then had to be entered in a third-party application so that the floor lock could fold. While this was already significantly better than before, it still caused a slight complication in use.

According to recent information received, Tesla has now integrated the unlocking of the floor lock system into its app, making it easier for all owners to use it. A new video from @JayinShanghai/Twitter demonstrates how easy it is for an owner to unlock a stall entrance and park a vehicle to charge. Now, Tesla car owners in China do not have to worry that they will not be able to charge at charging stations due to a misunderstanding or unscrupulous drivers of other vehicles who have blocked the entrance to the stall.

At the moment, such floor lock systems are installed only in China. However, in the future, they may be installed all over the world, as the company's customers are faced with a similar situation in different countries. In addition to protecting against ICEing, such a system could also contribute to more order and compliance with the Supercharger queue, especially now that Tesla is starting to gradually open its charging stations for electric vehicles of other brands.

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