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Tesla China Is Now Offering Zero Contact Test Drive In Beijing and Shanghai, Other Cities Will Follow

Tesla China Is Now Offering Zero Contact Test Drive In Beijing and Shanghai, Other Cities Will Follow

Two days ago, Tesla China officially announced the launch of its “Zero contact test drive” service through Weibo. From March 2 to March 15, users can sign up for a test drive through the official hotline and phone numbers of local stores. After booking, customers can go to the experience store and use the “Zero contact test drive” service. Currently, the service is launched in Beijing and Shanghai.

"In response to the needs of Beijing new energy customers, Tesla has launched a “Zero contact test drive” service, which has been launched in Beijing and Shanghai.

From now until March 15, you can make an appointment through the official hotline 400-919-0707 and the phone of your local store. After the reservation is successful, you can go to the experience store to enjoy your exclusive 'feast'."

Due to the epidemic of coronavirus, Chinese people were forced to abandon their usual lifestyle. But Tesla China, despite this, seeks to do everything possible so that their customers don't feel deprived of opportunities. That is why they offer them to use the “Zero contact test drive” service. The test drive lasts about two hours, which enables customers to fully test all the functions of the car and enjoy the ride.

All cars are disinfected, and people who want to use this service must be wearing safety glasses, a mask and gloves. All applicants for a test drive must have at least 2 years of driving experience.

Previously due to an epidemic, Tesla temporarily closed its Shanghai Gigafactory and stores. But already on February 10, the factory resumed its work. Store employees assisted customers online at a time when stores were closed. February 17, the work of the centers of experience resumed. Deliveries of Model 3 in the domestic market also gradually resumed.

Despite the epidemic of coronavirus, and falling sales of all car brands, the Tesla Model 3 became the best-selling car on the Chinese market in January. A total of 3,183 vehicles were registered (including 578 imported). This is the first time Tesla has taken first place in registrations in China, and for the first time this position was taken by a foreign automaker.


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