Tesla China Launches Rock Bottom Model Y Prices with Immediate Delivery in Jan 2021

Tesla China Launches Rock Bottom Model Y Prices with Immediate Delivery in Jan 2021

Update from the Tesla China official Weibo:

"Currently, there are too many orders on the official website and may not be refreshed.  Please be patient."

Beijing Time: Jan 1, 2021, Tesla China has updated the Giga Shanghai-made Model Y prices. According to Tesla China's official website:

Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD starts at 339,900 yuan or $51,890 USD

Tesla Model Y Performance starts at 369,900 yuan or $56,482 USD

Delivery date: Jan 2021

Previously, Tesla China had opened orders for the China Made Model Y on June 2020, with prices of the two variants at 488,000 yuan ($68,580 USD) for the Long Range model & 535,000 yuan ($75,185 USD) for the Performance model.

The first Model Y deliveries began in North America in March, which is half a year faster than previously planned. Tesla produces cars faster every year than before. The accumulated experience is used in order to implement their plans as quickly as possible and provide customers with cars that are in high demand.

Model Y is a compact SUV. This segment is becoming increasingly popular, so the demand for it is growing rapidly. In 2021, Europeans will also be able to get the first Model Y made in Germany, as the new Tesla Giga Berlin factory is going up with astonishing speed.


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