Tesla China Legal Department Fights False Claims

Tesla China Legal Department Fights False Claims

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Tesla China has launched a fight against false claims about it with the help of the company's legal department. Bloggers who posted false information were warned about a lawsuit if they did not publicly admit that they were misleading the public.

Chinese bloggers said Tesla threatened them with legal action for posting false, negative content about the manufacturer and the cars, the Financial Times reported. In June, the company opened a Weibo account for its legal department in China. Some users claimed that the account sent them private messages warning them of libel lawsuits.

This policy of Tesla is aimed at combating false accusations against it, which has become quite popular in recent months. We do not know the true reasons why bloggers are breaking the law and falsely accusing the company, but we can assume that articles and videos on this topic are attracting increased attention. This directly leads to more traffic to their websites or social media pages, which is profitable for them. Now this immoral behavior will be punished, which should make dishonest people stop misleading the public.

At the moment, several people have already posted apologies for the video in which they mentioned non-existent problems in Tesla cars. They also confirmed that they received legal warnings from the company. Such legal warnings, in accordance with defamation law, often require rebuttal, apology, and compensation, so it is wiser to admit guilt and correct it as soon as possible.

One account—Ruifeng Auto—admitted to lying in a video posted in late May claiming that the brakes on a new Tesla car were broken even before it left the showroom. The admission admitted that the claims had no “factual basis.”

The woman who protested at the Shanghai Auto Show in April and claimed that her car's brakes had failed also admitted that she was "extreme" in her actions. Recall that the Model 3, driven by her father, was in an accident. The police determined that the car was driving overspeed and was not keeping a safe distance from the car in front. Tesla also released data on the car, which confirmed that all of the car's systems, including the brakes, were functioning properly.

In addition, several other bloggers have published statements of apology towards Tesla. At the moment, the company has taken a soft position, and allows those who made false statements to apologize and admit their guilt without legal consequences. The fact that bloggers do this and do not bring the case to court indicates that they know that they did wrong in relation to the manufacturer.

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