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Tesla China-Made Model Y Spotted Road Testing at Giga Shanghai Before Epic Launch

Tesla China-Made Model Y Spotted Road Testing at Giga Shanghai Before Epic Launch

Photos: WU WA/YouTube

Tesla Giga Shanghai will soon start mass production of the Chinese-made Model Y. On the official website of the company, the estimated production start date is indicated as the beginning of 2021. Meanwhile, test cars have already been spotted many times both nearby and at the factory.

During testing near Phase 2 buildings and at the Giga Shanghai test truck, four Model Ys were seen on December 10 being tested simultaneously. These included one Midnight Silver Metallic, one Solid Black, one Solid Black but covered with a protective film, and one white Model Y. Although due to the long distance to objects, glare on the surfaces of cars, and weather conditions, the color may be incorrectly identified. They drove along the road next to the building in which they were produced, and on the test track.

Simultaneous testing of four Model Ys at once, which appeared in the 10-minute video, confirms that test production has indeed already been fully launched. Also, importantly, it hints that the production of the first units may already be launched, which could be delivered to the first owners in early 2021.

Last week, in the east of Phase 2, more than 20 single-piece parts were seen for the production of Model Y. This also suggests that Giga Shanghai may already be in the process of mass production of the China-made Model Y.


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