Tesla China Partners with Verified Shops To Launch Wrap Service

by Eva Fox August 05, 2020

Tesla China Partners with Verified Shops To Launch Wrap Service

Featured image: Tesla Delivery Center

Tesla is highly popular with consumers around the world. The company produces its cars only in classic colors, but in the modern world, people are increasingly striving to stand out and emphasize their style with a special car wrap.

Today Tesla Delivery Center in China announced an official wrap service in China to make your Tesla even cooler. For now, this service will be offered in 5 major cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Suzhou. In mid-August, the service will be launched in other cities in China.

Source: Tesla Delivery Center 

Tesla Delivery Center announced that there will be many different colors available, although the exact colors were not specified. At the moment, it is also unknown at what point the wrapping of new cars will be carried out. Perhaps they will be delivered from the factory to the Delivery Center and delivered to the client only after the car receives a new wrap. But most likely, the new wrap will be part of the after-delivery service. Interested customers can contact their local delivery and service center for more details.

Source: Tesla Delivery Center 

This is not the first time Tesla China has showcased their creativity and top-notch customer service. In general, Tesla in China is developing much faster than in any other automotive market in the world. Perhaps the broader company will follow the example of the Tesla China team and deploy this service in all countries.

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