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Tesla China Releases Another Model 3 Teaser as 11.11 Launch Date Rumors Emerge


Tesla China dropped another teaser for its Model 3 via social media, surprising a lot of people. The teaser is simple but reveals a lot about Gigafactory 3's progress—if recent news is taken into consideration. 

The first teaser revealed how much the China-made Model 3 would be in RMB and announced a possible Q1 2020 delivery date for reservation holders. It also showed a badge placed at the back of the made-in-China Model 3 units, which quickly became popular among Chinese electric car enthusiasts.

A New Teaser

The second teaser just gives the public a cryptic message. It says, "Made in China Model 3 is coming soon, stay tuned." It doesn't provide an exact date or any other details, but it does, in a way, conflict with the first teaser and its Q1 2020 reference.

It also revealed the final design of the back of a China-made Model 3. Unlike US versions, Model 3s from Gigafactory 3 will have a badge at the back with the Chinese characters "Tesla" if translated to English, according to EV enthusiasts users following Giga 3 news on Twitter. Another badge can be seen across from the one written in Chinese. The second features the words "Model 3" in English, which US-made vehicles do not have. 

The recent announcement has many people wondering how soon is soon for Tesla China. So far, the Asia-based division of the electric car maker has delivered all its promises early so it wouldn't be too far-fetched to think it could also have an early release date for the made-in-China Model 3. 

11.11 Speculations

Citing local reports, analyst Ming Zhao stated that November 11 is the date hinted at by Tesla in its recent Model 3 teaser. Zhao is the founder of 86 Research, an equity research company that specializes in China ADRs. His firm is based in Shanghai but serves institutional investors all over the world. 

Kelvin Yang, a known Tesla enthusiast, made a similar announcement about an 11.11 delivery date. He further suggested that Tesla China may officially unveil the China-made Model 3, or it may be delivering a small batch of Model 3 units produced in Gigafactory 3 on 11.11. 

Tesla may do one of those things, but it's far more likely that it's doing everything Yang stated in one fell sweep. November 11 is an important day in China, especially for the retail sector, and Tesla seems ready to celebrate all out. 

A Singles' Day Strategy?

For those unfamiliar with Asian holidays, specifically in China, 11.11 is a big day for consumerism called Singles Day. It initially started as the holiday for single people, like a reverse Valentine's Day, described The Telegraph. Being single is represented in the actual date of the holiday. It easy to spot that the date is the number one back to back, which China sometimes calls the "bare sticks holiday."

The holiday was established by Alibaba founder Jack Ma, who turned it into the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. It's a day when single people can treat themselves by shopping to their hearts' content. Black Friday and Cyber Monday can't hold a candle to Singles Day. In 2018, the holiday broke its previous record by making $30.8 billion in sales, which was 27 percent higher than sales from 2017. 

So Tesla releasing, or at least holding an event, for the China-made Model 3 on Singles Day could be a strategic move. It is the day people treat themselves to new toys and gadgets. A premium all-electric car seems to fit perfectly with that description.

Elon Musk has not really officially unveiled any Model 3 produced in Giga 3 yet. Provided that local reports are accurate with their 11.11 estimate, Tesla China may be planning to unveil the all-electric China-made sedan on 11.11 formally. But it doesn't seem like the festivities will stop with just an unveiling. 

20-Tesla-Model 3-spotted-Gigafactory 3

Pieces of a Puzzle

Tesla enthusiasts know that the company had a handover event for the Model 3 made in Fremont before the car was ramped and deliveries to reservation holders nationwide began. At the event, 30 Model 3 units were handed to 30 lucky Tesla employees. 

Tesla China may want to commemorate the handover event and hold a similar one on November 11. It isn't outside the realm of possibility since exactly 30 Model 3 units were recently spotted in Gigafactory 3. The all-electric sedans seemed ready to go, and some were even spotted on the test track. 

So to recap, Tesla China released a second teaser. A China-based analyst has stated that the made-in-China Model 3 will be delivered on November 11. And the last piece of the puzzle is Kelvin Yang's speculation that Tesla China will unveil the Model 3 and probably release a small batch, all on 11.11 as Zhao stated. 

All the pieces seem to fit together, and the fact that Chairwoman Robyn Denholm is currently in Shanghai until November 10 hasn't even been mentioned. Also, Tesla's Automotive President Jerome Guillen visited Gigafactory 3 a week before Denholm. They are two very important executives at the company, who may just be the people needed before an unveiling can happen and deliveries can be made. 

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