Tesla China Sold 54K+ Vehicles in October, with Almost 41k of those Exported

Tesla China Sold 54K+ Vehicles in October, with Almost 41k of those Exported

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Tesla's factory in China is an extremely important asset for the company, as the expansion and build-up of production capacity there is proceeding at a very high rate. Less than two years after starting operations, Giga Shanghai was able to reach a production capacity of over 50,000 units per month. In October, Tesla sold 54,391 vehicles, with 40,666 of that being exports.

Giga Shanghai again impresses with its production figures. In October, the factory increased its production capacity again, even though it did not work all 31 days. Last month, Tesla's factory was closed for one week due to China's National Day, so all productivity figures should be based on a 24-day work month. During this period, Giga Shanghai was able to sell an impressive 54,391 units, according to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA). Thus, about 2,266 cars could leave the assembly line every day. This means that with a 31-day working month, Giga Shanghai could produce 70,255 vehicles--or 843,000 vehicles per year--which is really impressive. It should be kept in mind that these numbers reflect sales data, not production, so it is worth evaluating them primarily from this point of view.

According to the data, of the 54,391 units sold, 40,666 were exported overseas. Of course, this represents a large increase compared to September, but this should not be surprising, since it is a common occurrence for Tesla. For the first 6-7 weeks, the vast majority of sales of cars produced at Giga Shanghai take place abroad, while towards the end of the quarter, and especially in the last month of the quarter, the bulk of cars are sold in China. This is due to reasonable logistics because shipping cars to distant countries takes more time, which means it takes place in the first half of the quarter.

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