Tesla China to Invest in New Shanghai Factory for Supercharger Stall Production with 10K Annual Capacity

Tesla China to Invest in New Shanghai Factory for Supercharger Stall Production with 10K Annual Capacity

Photo: Kim Hong-Ji/Reuters

Tesla's move to expand production of its vehicles also requires the rapid development of its charging infrastructure. The company is actively expanding its Supercharger network, with an increasing focus on urban areas, including convenient locations such as supermarkets, hotels, and downtown areas. Tesla currently has over 20,000 active Superchargers worldwide, with nearly 2,000 charging stations. Now it appears that Tesla China is also joining the company's efforts to produce more chargers.

Documents seen by Reuters show Tesla plans to produce electric car chargers in China starting in 2021. The company plans to invest 42 million yuan ($6.4 million) in a new charger factory next to its Giga Shanghai car plant.

At the moment, Tesla is importing chargers all over the world from the USA, but this situation will change in 2021. According to the document, Tesla plans to complete the construction of the new plant in February. The new manufacturing facility will be able to produce 10,000 chargers per year.

China is a huge market for electric vehicles and especially for Tesla, which is very popular there. Tesla's team in China has significant plans to expand the charging infrastructure there to ensure the best ownership experience. The country's government is also helping pave the way for this expansion, because, thanks to Tesla, China will be able to quickly achieve its goal of increasing the number of electric vehicles on its roads.

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