Tesla China to Open a 100K Annual Capacity Delivery Center in Shanghai

Tesla China to Open a 100K Annual Capacity Delivery Center in Shanghai

Tesla's latest delivery center in Shanghai will soon be operational to create a complete service system. Pudong Delivery Center will provide users with a complete service that integrates test drive, car booking, delivery, and after-sales service.

With sales in China increasing, the expansion of Giga Shanghai and the number of cities served, Tesla's pace of development continues to accelerate. The Pudong Delivery Center could significantly improve Tesla's Shanghai-based delivery capabilities and efficiency. In a green space outside the delivery center, the company plans to set up a small car theme park so residents of the surrounding area can relax there.

Over the past 7 years, Tesla has opened over 70 experience centers and showrooms in many cities in mainland China. However, due to the growing demand, the expansion in the Chinese market continues at a rapid pace.

Tesla China announced that it will open its first delivery center in Shanghai in Pudong. It will be refurbished in late August and officially handed over to Tesla, with commissioning expected in early September, according to Yiou Automobile.

Source: Yiou Automobile

The Pudong Delivery Center is located about 44 miles from Giga Shanghai. There are convenient transport connections and hotel accommodations. The delivery center showroom has a total area of ​​4,512 square meters and is divided into 2 floors.

According to the plan, the Pudong Delivery Center will mainly deliver Model 3 and Model Y produced at Giga Shanghai, with a daily capacity of 200-300 vehicles. This equates to 73,000 - 109,500 units per year. And we are talking only about one location.

Source: Yiou Automobile

Tesla China also said that, following the Pudong delivery center, the company will later build another large delivery center in Puxi, Shanghai. With sales in China rising and the number of all-in-one service centers growing, Tesla is simply unstoppable.

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