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Tesla China will soon upgrades to use Baidu Maps

by Eva Fox January 17, 2020

Tesla China will soon upgrades to use Baidu Maps

Tesla China announced on its official WeChat account that their vehicles made in China will use Baidu Maps.

"Tesla China will use Baidu Maps

More entertainments will also soon delivery through OTA update"

Source: Tesla China/WeChat

If you ever find yourself on the streets of China, it will be difficult for you to find locals who are looking for routes using Google Maps. Most Google applications are blocked in the country, so in China you will need a VPN to use your favorite applications through Google. But in most cases, traditional Google maps are not very accurate in China, so it’s better to use Chinese mapping applications.

Therefore, Tesla will take care of its customers in China by connecting its cars to the Chinese Baidu Maps.

Baidu Maps is a desktop and mobile web mapping service application and technology provided by Baidu, offering satellite imagery, street maps, street view and indoor view perspectives, as well as functions such as a route planner for traveling by foot, car, or with public transportation.

Today, Baidu has more than 70 percent of the market share in China and is the second largest independent search engine in the world. Like other companies, such as Google or Tesla, Baidu invests heavily in artificial intelligence and autonomous driving systems.

Baidu Maps launched the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) API in China, providing Tesla with map data services such as a basemap display, real-time traffic conditions and receiving POIs.

Based on this, Tesla car owners can use the road conditions services covering all cities of China in real time, update the road conditions in real time, and also effectively avoid traffic jams. The service provided by Baidu Maps supports free scaling without loss of image quality, and the icons can be rotated 360 degrees using the base map. The user interface is pretty smooth. In addition, the updated version of Baidu's map data service has a brief visual appearance, while maintaining an accurate representation of map details, allowing car owners to easily identify areas and road conditions and significantly increase driving comfort.

This collaboration promises to bring many benefits to Tesla's Chinese customers, since in addition to using map data, other entertainments was promised, which will be delivered through OTA updates.

Tesla has established itself as a company that seeks to make the use of its cars as enjoyable as possible. Tesla's American owners have a number of advantages in using their cars, thanks to the country's policies. Now, Chinese users will also be able to access the various functions of Tesla through the use of domestic services.

The Chinese government facilitate the company at various levels. Thanks to this and the hard work of the Tesla team, the company has achieved tremendous success in China. The factory was built and put into operation in less than 1 year, and the first batches of MIC Model 3 has already been delivered to customers.

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Featured image: Tesla China/WeChat

Eva Fox
Eva Fox

I'm a big fan of Tesla, as I worry about the future for my child and for future generations. Tesla's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy and I'm passionately striving for this goal. I’m tired of the daily deception from Tesla’s haters against the company, so I strive to spread true information and the latest news about Tesla.

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