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Tesla Community Members Embrace Kimbal Musk's Plant A Seed Day 2020


Most members of the Tesla community may be home and practicing social distancing today due to the ongoing C19 pandemic, but this does not mean that Kimbal Musk’s Plant A Seed Day 2020 initiative is getting canceled. Despite the self-quarantine happening pretty much across the board, families and some Tesla community members are still doing their small part to plant a seed in the name of the planet and healthier food.

Kimbal Musk’s Plant A Seed Day program currently has pledges from over 200,000 individuals from 50 states across America. From these pledges, 2020’s Plant A Seed Day website notes that over 330,000 seeds will be planted today, March 19, 2020. This is but a small drop in the bucket that needs to be filled to foster healthy eating habits and natural food choices to everyone, of course, but it does help.

Some Tesla community members have exercised their creativity while participating in the initiative. My Tesla Adventure founder Eli Burton, for example, pledged to plant some watermelon and squash seeds on March 19, 2020. As an added bonus, the Model S owner opted to showcase a “frunkgarden” on his vehicle, featuring a little plot of land and some flowers. The effort was lauded by Maye Musk, who described the frunk garden as creative.

To foster the movement even more, Kimbal Musk and wife Christiana Musk have also announced that Big Green, one of their nonprofits whose mission is to foster healthy eating habits to children, will be giving away free seeds that could be planted on Plant A Seed Day 2020. Other green companies such as Galactic Farms have responded positively to Big Green’s donations, stating in a tweet that they are looking forward to getting their greens started.

In a way, doing some planting today would be therapeutic for many, especially since several regions across the nation are directly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. With social isolation being one of the best ways to prevent the virus’ spread, planting seeds could provide a good way for families to spend some time outdoors while still being safe.

Plant A Seed Day 2020 was one of the topics discussed during an episode of the Third Row Podcast featuring Maye and Tosca Musk.

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