Tesla Created Nearly 100K Direct Jobs in a Decade, Offering the Best Training Programs & Attracting Top Talent

Tesla Created Nearly 100K Direct Jobs in a Decade, Offering the Best Training Programs & Attracting Top Talent

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Tesla is a major employer that continues to expand its workforce. The company received more than three million job applications in 2021 alone and is one of the most desirable jobs for engineers worldwide.

On May 6, Tesla published its 2021 Impact Report, where it shared many important details about its work. The manufacturer said its workforce has grown about 70 times over the past decade, and Tesla has created almost 100,000 direct jobs in just over a decade. The manufacturer stressed that while many companies in the auto industry are cutting staff and starting early retirement programs, Tesla plans to expand its workforce in the coming years as it continues to grow production worldwide. In 2022 alone, the Texas-based manufacturer will create thousands of new jobs, as its gigafactories in Texas and Berlin actively hire employees.

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According to published information, the number of applicants continues to break records. In 2021 alone, Tesla received job applications from over 3,000,000 unique candidates worldwide. This is largely due to the fact that the company competently attracts talent by offering vocational training and internships for students. Out of three million candidates, 28,500 people got jobs at Tesla in 2021.

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Tesla has expanded access to hiring opportunities for underrepresented communities by focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusiveness (DEI) in their hiring process. The manufacturer has increased the amount of gender-neutral language in job descriptions, expanded its recruiting efforts by updating interview guides, building partnerships with the public, educating about unconscious bias, and facilitating training for recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers.

According to the Universum 2021 rankings, engineering students are most eager to work for Tesla and SpaceX. These are breakthrough companies that are changing the lives of mankind right now. Tesla strives to minimize red tape so that its engineers can be creative and solve engineering problems that have never been solved. This flexibility gives the company a great advantage over other employers.

Tesla continues to provide access to thousands of jobs around the world in manufacturing, automotive maintenance, and solar roof installation, offering all the benefits and training from day one. The company has publicly stated numerous times that candidates do not need to have a college degree to work at Tesla.

The manufacturer offers a Manufacturing Development Program. This is a two-year program that sees recent US high school graduates embark on a career at Tesla as a manufacturing employee while continuing their education in automation and robotics at a community college, with active programs at Gigafactory Nevada, Gigafactory New York, and Fremont Factory. In the fall of 2021, the company also launched its first Manufacturing Development Program class with Del Valle High School to support Gigafactory Texas.

In partnership with local colleges, Tesla offers a federally and state-certified Tool & Die Apprenticeship program in the US at the Fremont Factory, Gigafactory Nevada, and Tesla Grand Rapids. This training combines on-the-job training from qualified mentors with classroom instruction, providing a holistic approach to learning about a profession in high demand: welding, machining, blueprint reading, and other critical skills. Similar programs are taking place in Europe, including at Gigafactory Berlin, where Tesla collaborates with local vocational schools and trains students via facilitated workshops, self-led modules, and on-the-job exercises for a variety of roles.

To promote gender diversity in STEM, since 2018 Tesla has been encouraging girls to consider engineering as a means to their goals by participating in Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. Similar initiatives are underway in the US and Europe.

Tesla also offers an internship program that continues to be a driving force in attracting a variety of entry-level professional talent. In an effort to increase access to this program, the manufacturer attended more than 75 diversity hiring events targeting women and students of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions, and launched new community Internship Initiatives with Say Yes Buffalo, Breakthrough Austin, TRiO Scholars in Nevada, and College Track in the Bay Area to increase its workforce diversity.

As part of Tesla's agreement to build Gigafactory Nevada, the company pledged to invest $37.5 million in K-12 education starting in 2018. This investment is in partnership with the Department of Education and the Education Gift Fund, with a focus on initiatives that support the acceleration of robotics, STEAM, and sustainability programming. To date, $22.5M has been invested across 30 organizations, and an additional $17M is planned for 2022-2023, the manufacturer said.

The SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) National Convention is the largest annual gathering of Hispanic students and STEM professionals in the country. Tesla has met over 3,000 students from various disciplines, and has had the opportunity to develop excellent relationships with heads of various SHPE chapters in the country. The Tesla DEI team also participated in the SHPETina Series during the conference, which is a program that accelerates and validates Hispanic representation at all levels of STEM corporate and academic leadership.

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