Tesla Customers Avoided Releasing About 13.4 Mmt of CO2e into Atmosphere in 2022

Tesla Customers Avoided Releasing About 13.4 Mmt of CO2e into Atmosphere in 2022

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Tesla customers avoided releasing about 13.4 million metric tons of CO2e* into the atmosphere in 2022. Tesla car owners made the biggest contribution, while owners of the company's energy and solar products helped them.

Every year, humanity causes enormous damage to our planet. One of the most worrying is the constant increase in CO2e emissions into the atmosphere, which is accelerating negative climate change on Earth. Tesla is a company that is making a dramatic positive impact on the world by slowing down change by developing, manufacturing, and distributing products that are carbon neutral during use and help generate renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. With that in mind, it manufactures electric vehicles, home and utility energy storage systems, and products for generating electricity from the sun. The more of these products Tesla supplies, the faster it accelerates its mission—the world's transition to sustainable energy.

In its 2022 Impact Report, Tesla said its global fleet of vehicles, energy storage, and solar panels have enabled its customers to avoid 13.4 million metric tons of CO2e. To understand the scale, consider that this is equivalent to more than 33 billion miles of driving.

Tesla recalled that since its inception, the company's business model has been focused on the opportunities provided by the transition to sustainable energy. The company has developed a green energy ecosystem focused on the sectors of energy production, storage, and transportation. With its electric vehicles and zero-emission energy products, Tesla is accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy.

The company's electric vehicles made the biggest contribution to saving CO2e emissions from being released into the atmosphere. Of the 13.4 million metric tons of CO2e saved, 11.8 million metric tons were saved thanks to its electric vehicles. The 11.8 million metric tons of vehicle CO2e emissions savings estimate is based on the net CO2e emissions savings during the use-phase of a Tesla vehicle compared to an ICE vehicle with a real-world fuel economy of ~24 mpg (of which 1.1 million metric tons are avoided through annual renewables matching for the global Supercharger network and home charging in California).

Solar energy and storage saved 1.6 million metric tons of CO2e. The 1.6 million metric tons of solar + storage CO2e emissions savings estimate is based on CO2e emissions avoided through generation of zero-emission electricity from Tesla solar panels, including energy stored and later dispatched from their energy storage products.

*CO2 — the most dominant greenhouse gas that comes from burning fossil fuels, industrial production, and land use. But, CO2 is not the only greenhouse gas that is driving climate change. There are a number of other gases that significantly contribute to global warming, all of which together are quantified in one single metric called CO2e.

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