Tesla Cybertruck Screen Shows 620 Miles of Range Instead of the 500 Promised for the Tri-Motor Variant


A picture from MotorTrend may have revealed that the Cybertruck’s range could go beyond 500 and reach up to 620 miles per charge. A Twitter account made by a fan found the picture and shared it with the rest of the Tesla community to get their thoughts on the subject.

The picture of the Cybertruck’s Media Control Unit showed that Tesla’s pickup truck could reach up to 620 miles in range. According to Twitter account @CybertruckTesla, the picture was from MotorTrend, a publication that was able to get an exclusive closeup look into the Cybertruck. MotorTrend was able to actually see Tesla’s pickup truck in person before the unveiling, so the claims about the Cybertruck’s range based on the picture has some weight.

The range of each Cybertruck variant is as follows:

  • Entry-Level - Single Motor RWD Variant: 250+ miles (EPA EST.)
  • Mid-Tier - Dual Motor AWD Variant: 300+ miles (EPA EST.)
  • Top-Tier - Tri-Motor AWD Variant: 500+ miles (EPA EST.)

As seen above, the top-tier variant of the Cybertruck is estimated to have 500+ miles of range. The tri-motor AWD CYBRTRK could probably reach 620 miles of range, in which case the MotorTrend picture wouldn’t hold much meaning. However, only two CYBRTRK prototypes have been spotted and confirmed by the Tesla community—and neither one seems to be the tri-motor AWD model.

During the unveiling, there were two Cybertruck prototypes. One of the Cybertrucks became infamous when Tesla designer Franz von Holzhausen smashed its windows with a sold metal ball bearing. The second made its debut behind the scenes. 

Recent sightings of two different Cybertrucks support this theory as well. Tesla’s pickup truck was seen during a test run in LAX on the same day that another was seen being driven to Nobu by Elon Musk himself in Malibu.

According to people who attended the event, at least one of the prototypes was a dual motor AWD variant. It is unknown what type of powertrain the second Cybertruck prototype contains. However, it is more likely that the second has a single motor powertrain because the entry-level Cybertruck was initially slated to be released first.

While 620 miles of range doesn’t seem too far-fetched for the tri-motor AWD variant, it is significant for the entry-level and mid-tier Cybertrucks. Of course, Tesla could be keeping a third prototype under wraps. The automaker did recently change the release dates of each CYBRTRK variant.

The all-electric car maker decided to release the dual motor and tri-motor Tesla pickup trucks before the single motor RWD version. The company's decision to prioritize the top-tier variants of the Cybertruck was likely because it received more preorders for the dual motor and tri-motor Cybertrucks. As of this writing, the dual motor and tri-motor CYBRTRKs are scheduled for a late 2021 release, while the single motor variant’s release had been pushed to late 2022.

Featured Image Credit: Tesla

H/T: @CybertruckTesla

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