Tesla Autopilot Successfully Avoids Collision, Demonstrating the Correct Use of Tesla's Driver-Assist System


Tesla's Autopilot recently showed its skill when the driver-assist system successfully avoided a potential collision from a car during a lane change maneuver. Model 3 owner Chris of YouTube's Dirty Tesla channel posted the video of Autopilot being used right. Tesla's driver-assist system recently received some backlash for an accident with a police cruiser. This news of Autopilot's small success could clear up any misunderstandings about the system, provided that it is used as it is properly. 

In Dirty Tesla's video, Tesla's Autopilot starts to change lanes after two cars have passed it. Based on the footage, the driver-assist system deemed it safe to switch lanes since there weren't any other cars in the way. 


Credit: Dirty Tesla/YouTube

After Autopilot turns on the turning signal, however, the car right behind it decides to accelerate to try and overtake the Tesla Model 3. The red vehicle at the back only had its turn signal on for a short time before it switched lanes and tried to pass the Tesla. 

Luckily, Autopilot detected the vehicle and stopped trying to go toward the right side of the road, even if it was in the middle of switching lanes. It returned to the left side of the road, letting the red vehicle behind it through, and then it began switching lanes again. 

Autopilot's small move may not be a big deal to some. However, if it didn't detect the car behind it in this scenario, there could have been a serious collision. Without Autopilot, the driver may not have seen the red vehicle's turn signal turn on because it was so brief. Plus, the red car switched lanes and tried to overtake the Tesla at such a speed that the driver of the all-electric vehicle may not have had the time to stop switching lanes. 

Dirty Tesla's video reveals how useful Autopilot could be, if used properly. Tesla's driver-assist system is quite safe when used correctly. However, misinformation about Autopilot still exists. Unfortunately, some of that misinformation may have come from irresponsible Tesla owners using Autopilot incorrectly. 

Just recently, Autopilot was blamed for an accident involving a police cruiser in Connecticut, reported CNet. The Tesla driver was checking on his dog with Autopilot on when he crashed into a police vehicle. The driver used Autopilot as an excuse for the incident, which has led several news sites and people in power to conclude that Tesla's driver-assist system is dangerous. 

However, the driver in this situation was likely in the wrong and should not have used Autopilot as an excuse for looking away from the road. Tesla's driver-assist system exists because of drivers like the one in this Connecticut accident. 

The majority of people don't understand that Autopilot isn't complete and is separate from Tesla's Full Self-Driving suite. Currently, the driver-assist system should not be left alone. Elon Musk has said as much. Drivers must still drive responsibly and pay attention to the road. 

Featured Image Credit: Dirty Tesla/YouTube

H/T: Dirty Tesla

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