Tesla Cybertruck appears in GTA5, Minecraft and Goldeneye 007

Tesla Cybertruck appears in GTA5, Minecraft and Goldeneye 007

Not even a week has passed since Elon Musk introduced Cybertruck, but the first mods with this electric car have already appeared in games.

Although most of the modifications are not yet available for download, some videos from Cybertruck have already collected tens of thousands of views. The most popular videos, of course, about Grand Theft Auto V.

One of the first electric cars demonstrated the YouTube channel Elite Rejects. Its version turned out to be too simple - there are no headlights, the coating material is not the same, the interior is not visible, and the wheels are clearly taken from another SUV. And it is certainly noisier than the electric car.



The most successful option was suggested by the user Fred walkthrough. His Cybertruck has working lights, a more reliable model, and he also drives quietly - like a real electric car. The entire interior can be seen from the first person - there is even a stand for coffee.
Interested gamers, however, need to wait a bit, since the mod is not ready for release by the author for download.



Platypunported ported Cybertruck in the Rocket League. In parallel with this, fans even created a petition so that the developers officially added the car - 600 signatures already exist.
"Our great and generous Elon Musk has bestowed upon us a revolutionary vehicle whose beauty, power, and elegance is unsurpassed. Now my fellow gamers, we must fight for what is most undoubtedly meant for us to play with, because lets face it, most of us will never be able to afford one. Please sign this petition and fight to put it in the hands of the man with the plan himself. He will do it for us. He will do it for the memes. He will do it because he is the one and only: Elon Musk."


Of course, given the look of Cybertruck modders tried to implement it in Minecraft. One version was published by VelVoxel Raptor.

Apparently, he was in such a hurry that the mod was not entirely thought out: the car does not even need to be crafted or recharged, but it is controlled like a horse. To get it, you just need to throw out the block of iron ingots and the lever in the same place.




A better quality mod was offered by myohtet - though not for PCs, but for mobile phones. Here, the Cybertruck model is more elaborate: there is a salon and even a steering wheel. There is also an authentic sound of an electric car - while in the first mode the car did not make any noise at all.



Cybertruck also appeared in BeamNG.Drive, a crash simulator.



Finally, Cybertruck also ported to where it looks like a glove - in the games of the era of Nintendo 64 and PS One. Modder Graslu00 created a custom map where you can find not only an electric car, but also Elon Musk talking to the player.



The SuperG64 user went even further and added the car to ... Super Mario 64 instead of the Mario model. In the description, he noted that he would never release a mod for everyone. But let's see



Nintendo has confirmed that Tesla Cybertruck will appear in the Star Fox franchise.
The square, polygonal truck will be a playable vehicle option along with the traditional Arwing fighter, Landmaster and the Blue-Marine submarine. And yes, he can make a barrel.

"It's has that sleek, angular, Arwing-inspired look, and it's made up of about 3 polygons, so it fits right in," said Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser. "You can just run right over the bad guys, because it's pretty much just a giant battering ram. And best of all, you get 500 miles on a single charge."

Nintendo spokespeople confirmed that the Cybertruck is much more environmentally friendly vehicle than the Arwing. "The Arwing runs on carbon-heavy G-Diffuser propulsion systems, which contribute to global warming on planets all over the Lylat System. The people of Corneria can rest easy knowing we are solving climate change with the Tesla Cybertruck."

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