Tesla Fan-Made Cybertruck Spotted On Road in China


Tesla’s Cybertruck was spotted in China, but the scene wasn’t what it appeared to onlookers. The Cybertruck was fan-made. A truck carried Tesla’s pickup through streets in China.

From afar, the fan-made CYBRTRK may have looked like the one Tesla unveiled to the world back in November 2019. However, upon closer inspection, the Cybertruck passing through roads in China was slightly different from Tesla’s EV pickup.

First, the fan-made version was an ICE vehicle, entirely different from Tesla’s all-electric pickup. The exoskeleton of the Cybertruck in China also seemed a shade or two darker than the genuine version. Tesla used SpaceX steel to make the Cybertruck's origami-like exoskeleton.


Credit: Tesmanian Source

Even if onlookers couldn’t tell the difference between the real one and the fan-made Cybertruck, the sight of such a unique pickup undoubtedly drew people’s attention. After all, Tesla’s CYBRTRK can be hard to ignore and often deserves a second glance.

Anyone who asked about the Cybertruck and was interested in purchasing one may have been disappointed to hear that production of the pickup truck wouldn’t start until late next year. Tesla has not revealed specific details about the Cybertruck’s production line yet.

Some experts believe that the Cybertruck's design--specifically it exoskeleton--could save Tesla a ton in production costs. The reduced production costs may have contributed to the CYBRTRK's price tag, which surprised even the most loyal Tesla supporters. The base model of the Cybertruck costs US$39,900 and all the variants only require a US$100 deposit to preorder.


Credit: Tesmanian Source

Elon Musk has shared some design changes and improvements Tesla introduced to the Cybertruck since the unveiling. He also casually mentioned that Tesla would be testing the Cybertruck’s off-road abilities in Baja 1000. The EV automaker has modified its pickup truck to prepare for the upcoming race.

Tesla announced that production on the tri-motor and dual-motor variants of the CYBRTRK will begin in 2021. Tesla’s single-motor Cybertruck will start production in late 2022. Elon Musk has also hinted at a Plaid Cybertruck, but no other details have been shared about the variant.

Featured Image Credit: Tesmanian Source

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