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Elon Musk Visits Tulsa As Race for Tesla Cybertruck Gigafactory Location Hits Final Stretch

Elon Musk Visits Tulsa As Race for Tesla Cybertruck Gigafactory Location Hits Final Stretch

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As the decision for Tesla's Cybertruck Factory nears its conclusion, Elon Musk revealed that he visited Tusla. This past week, the last two contenders for Tesla's Cybertruck Gigafactory--or Terafactory--Travis County and Tulsa have deliberated over the EV automaker's presence in their states. So for, Tulsa has stuck to its guns and shown how much they want Tesla in Oklahoma.

The Governor of Oklahoma, Kevin Stitt, had brazenly invited Tesla to take a leap of faith and join the "risk-takers, hard workers, and visionaries" in his state. Tulsa has unabashedly shown its support for Tesla for months now, leading up to this crucial time. There are only two locations in the running for the Cybertruck Factory, and Tulsa is one of them.

Even after it seemed Tesla chose Travis County as the location for its Cybertruck Factory, Tulsans didn't lose hope. They banded together and showed a united front. Tulsans wanted Tesla, and they wanted Elon Musk to know it.

One of the ways Tuslans chose to show its support for Tesla was through a website titled "Tulsa Says Yes." Over 10,000 people signed their names supporting Tesla's move to Oklahoma. Most of the people who signed were from Tulsa and the rest of Oklahoma, but surprisingly some of them were also from Austin--according to the website.

Elon Musk's recent visit to Tulsa reveals that it is still in the running for the Cybertruck Factory. But even if it isn't chosen for the Cybertruck Factory, maybe Tusla will still get Tesla. Some have suggested that Tesla moves into both states.

A recent email from Elon Musk revealed that Tesla is ready for volume production with the Semi. His message revealed that other states would handle some of the production. Tulsa could be one of those states. The Semi will need a lot of room and what better place than a "Big F&%king Field" as some Tulsans have started calling the land Oklahoma wants Tesla to build on.

Tesla Semi production could also generate a lot of jobs with stable income into the state. So there may be a way for both Travis County and Tulsa to get some Tesla love.

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