Tesla Cybertruck Gets Support From 2020 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang


The Tesla Cybertruck received some love from the 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang. It’s not surprising that Yang supported Elon Musk's next-gen pickup truck. Yang himself is a man of the future with ideas that are just as different as the Cybertruck’s design.

The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate revealed his thoughts on Elon Musk’s Cybertruck recently via Twitter. In a tweet, he called the all-electric pickup his new running mate, receiving a lot of support from other Tesla enthusiasts. CYBRTRK has received polarizing reactions mostly based on its design. There is just nothing like the Cybertruck on the market right now, and people have no idea what to think about it.

Despite its unique design, however, people are growing to love it, and they don’t even know why. Andrew Yang is sort of the same. He was underestimated by the public, media outlets, and maybe even some of the other 2020 Democratic presidential candidates at the beginning. However, through his unique ideas on policy, economy, health, and sectors of society, Yang has garnered attention and a growing support system.

“Mr. Yang has the most detailed and comprehensive set of policy proposals we have ever seen at this stage of the campaign,” said the Democratic Party Leadership in Iowa.

Like Tesla’s goal to make fossil-fuel cars obsolete, Yang's environmental policy proposal can be seen as daring and almost impossible—but that didn’t stop the all-electric carmaker, and it might not stop Yang either. Yang recognized the dangers and consequences of climate change, especially for those in disadvantaged and minority communities, according to his campaign’s website.

He has a five-pronged approach for climate change, which contains both reactive and preventive measures. The first prong calls for a sustainable economy by upgrading infrastructure, transitioning to renewable energy, and improving the ways society farms and use land. In his second prong, Yang talked about building a sustainable world. He suggests that Americans use their imaginations and work ethics to innovate and create technology that could power the world, much like Tesla is already doing with its all-electric vehicles and new energy systems.

The first two prongs of Yang's environmental policy proposal take are more preventive measures. The fifth is much the same with Yang promoting that a constitutional amendment should be passed to hold future administrations accountable. Numbers three and four are reactive measures, requiring immediate action. Yang proposes to move people higher ground. The 2020 presidential candidate explained that climate change has caused an increased amount of natural disasters, and America now needs to adapt to the changing climate.

Yang’s fourth prong focuses on reversing the damage climate change has already caused. He wants people to do more research on removing carbon from Earth’s atmosphere, cooling the planet, and rejuvenating ecosystems.

Yang’s support for the Cybertruck reveals that there is at least one person who recognizes climate change and its consequences in government work. If Tesla is to succeed in its ultimate goal for the world to switch to sustainable energy, more politicians like Yang need to exist in government. After all, Tesla and other companies like it need support from the government to succeed.  

Featured Image Credit: @history_yang/Twitter
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