Tesla Cybertruck Gigafactory Contenders Oklahoma & Texas Are Trying Really Hard To Woo Elon Musk


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Oklahoma and Texas could be Tesla's top contenders for its Cybertruck Gigafactory—or Terafactory if speculations prove accurate. Both states are trying really hard to woo Elon Musk. Governor Greg Abbott and Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez have already taken steps to convince Elon Musk to move to Texas. As news about Tesla in Texas started to spread, Oklahoma supporters rallied in Tulsa. 

Recently, Mayor G.T. Bynum of Tulsa upped the ante on Oklahoma's bid for Tesla's Cybertruck Gigafactory. He teased that if Tesla and Tulsa teamed up, the Cybertruck could be the local police vehicle, saying that "it would only be right to #BuyLocal." 

Following the Mayor Bynum's lead, Tesla Owners Club of Oklahoma (TOCO) organized a rally to show Elon Musk why Tesla should choose Tulsa for its Cybertruck Gigafactory. TOCO planned a drive-by to about 20 landmarks in Oklahoma. According to local news outlet KJRH, TOCO will be filming the drive-by for its video titled, "Tulsa for Tesla."

If @Tesla and #Tulsa team up to change the world, it would only be right to #BuyLocal. #cybertruck @elonmusk


The convoy will be going to the BOK Center, Route 66, and The Golden Driller from downtown Tulsa said TOCO's official Facebook page. One of Tulsa's biggest landmarks, The Golden Driller, went through some big changes recently to show the local community's support for Tesla. The statue was painted to look like Elon Musk, and The Golden Driller's belt buckle went from saying "Tulsa" to "Tesla." The EV automaker's logo was drawn on the statue's chest as well.

The Gold Driller is an oil worker's statue and stands 75 feet high, weighing 43,500 lbs. Turning the statue from one representing an oil worker to one symbolizing the man at the helm of Tesla speaks volumes. At the base of the towering figure is an inscription that reads: "The Golden Driller, a symbol of the International Petroleum Exposition. Dedicated to the men of the petroleum industry who by their vision have created from God's abundance a better life for mankind." Tesla's main mission seems to align with the one stated in The Golden Driller's inscription, except the company is trying to do it with renewable energy instead of petroleum. 

When Elon Musk stated that Tesla could move its headquarters out of California, Texas welcomed the company with open arms. County Judge Cortez sent an official letter to Musk, inviting Tesla to move to Hidalgo. Shortly after, Governor Abbott and Elon Musk discussed the possibility of Tesla's move to Texas. After that, talk of a Gigafactory in Austin, Texas spread quickly. 

However, Oklahoma's recent attempt to woo Elon Musk and Tesla have shown that the state isn't bowing out of the Cybertruck Gigafactory fight just yet. The Golden Driller's latest change may be proof enough that Tulsa is ready for change--one that only Tesla could bring. 


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