Tesla Cybertruck Has Over 1.9M Orders ahead of First Deliveries

Tesla Cybertruck Has Over 1.9M Orders ahead of First Deliveries

Image: greggertruck/Cybertruck Owners Club

Tesla Cybertruck has over 1.9 million orders, underlining the fascination with the pickup truck, despite the fact that all those orders can take up to four years to fulfill. Public interest continues to increase as the first production Cybertruck rolled off the Giga Texas assembly line and more units are seen being tested on the roads.

Tesla Cybertruck was spotted on a public road again. Another example of the steel beast has been spotted on a stretch of Interstate 280 near Palo Alto, California. This time it featured a new color scheme, according to pictures shared by greggertruck at the Cybertruck Owners Club forum. The camouflage coloration was darker than before and consisted of smaller details.

According to the data tracker, there are currently over 1.9 million pre-orders for Cybertruck. Keep in mind that the data may not be 100% accurate. However, the table is based on order numbers, which can only be obtained after the pre-order is completed. Therefore, it is safe to say that Tesla received an impressive number of orders.

According to Elon Musk, during the Q2 2023 Earnings Call, the demand for Cybertruck is huge. He said, “Demand is so far off the hook, you can't even see the hook. So, that's really not an issue.” If the company really has 1.9 million orders, then their execution may take about four years.

Musk confirmed that the first deliveries will begin this year. However, he also warned that the ramp-up would be slow. Musk said Cybertruck currently needs about 10,000 unique parts and processes to produce, so the speed of production will depend on how quickly all of them can be scaled up.

“We’re certainly better at production ramps that -- we've got a lot of experience with the production ramps. But first order approximation, there are like 10,000 unique parts and processes in the Cybertruck. And if any one of -- it will go as fast as the least lucky, least well-executed element of the 10,000. So, it's always difficult to predict the ramp initially, but I think we'll be making them in high volume next year, and we will be delivering the car this year.”

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