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Tesla Cybertruck Hits 200k Reservations Within 3 Days of Unveiling

Tesla Cybertruck Hits 200k Reservations Within 3 Days of Unveiling

Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla Cybertruck reservations have already hit 200K since its unveiling last Thursday. While Tesla's all-electric pickup truck still has a long way to go before it can be confirmed as profitable by skeptics, hitting 200K within 3 days of its unveiling is a good start for CYBRTRK nonetheless.

When Elon Musk first revealed his Cybertruck, there were polarizing opinions about it mostly because of its unique design. The all-electric pickup's triangular origami-like design was a look people just didn't understand off the bat--even some avid Tesla enthusiasts. When Musk said his truck was going to something that would be an acquired taste, he wasn't kidding.  

Still, it can't be denied that the Cybertruck is really something that has never been seen before. Since the unveiling, people have warmed to Tesla's CYBRTRK. Some have learned to look past its design and have chosen to focus on its features, performance, and capabilities instead. Others have actually embraced the pickup's bold, futuristic form. 

People who have never bought a truck before have decided to enter the world of trucks with the Cybertruck, simply because it's cool. Others like that the all-electric pickup is actually a utility vehicle, especially for overlanding, camping, and just traveling. 

Then there are others who have openly admitted to actually growing to like the design. Among all the reasons mentioned previously, this one is the most significant because it reveals just how much time it takes for people to change their perspective.

The Cybertruck doesn't look like a traditional truck, neither does it look like any vehicle out there, and it is unapologetic about it. With the CYBRTRK, Elon Musk is challenging the world to rethink, recontextualize, reimagine the pickup truck, much like Tesla did for ICE vehicles. 

There is no written rule that a truck has to look a certain way, nor in fact, for any vehicle to look a certain way. Tesla is one of the first--because there are other car companies who can be just as daring--automakers to have the guts to do something unimaginable. And it's because of their ingenuity and innovative thinking that Tesla has gained support for its Cybertruck. 

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