Tesla Cybertruck Wins More Pop Culture Points By Becoming Star Wars Rebels' Truck Of Choice

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The Tesla Cybertruck recently won some more pop culture points by becoming the truck of choice for Star Wars Rebels like Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca. A recent video shared on Twitter depicted the Cybertruck in George Lucas' world at a galaxy far, far away, and the Tesla pickup truck seems to fit perfectly.

Recently, Tesla enthusiast @Supermantibody posted a video of a Tie Fighter from Star Wars chasing a Cybertruck. The tie fighter zoomed closer to the ground shooting green laser beams at Elon Musk’s futuristic CYBRTRK, while Chewbacca shoots back at the Tie Fighter above trying to fend it off.

Other Tie Fighters can be seen in the background, clearly headed for ground-level, probably to fight off the rest of the rebel base. On the ground, the Cybertruck avoids explosion after explosion as plots of fire scorch the land.

The Cybertruck fits in the scene seamlessly. Tesla’s pickup looks like it belongs in a world like Star Wars. Indeed, it’s quite amazing how a truck inspired by vehicles from the ’80s can look futuristic. The Cybertruck’s signature look with sharp edges and clear-cut shapes are in stark difference to the curves of a traditional truck.

Even its geometric ship matches that of the Tie Fighters' wings and defined circular shuttle in the middle. People gave Tesla a hard time for making the CYBRTRK into a triangle. In the Star Wars world, however, modes of transportation have defined shapes as evidenced by the Empire's Star Destroyers.

Star Wars is an iconic brand in pop culture with a strong community of supporters and dedicated enthusiasts. It seems that the Cybertruck will be known as a pop culture phenomenon in the future as well. If it isn’t yet, being linked to Lucas’ movie franchise will undoubtedly help.

The Cybertruck isn’t even in production yet, and it has been in a music video with hip-hop artist Travis Scott. Hot Wheels has already made a miniature version of Tesla’s EV pickup and a remote-controlled hobby-grade 1:10 scale model of the CYBRTRK as well.

After the Cybertruck was unveiled, many had doubts, even some in the Tesla community. However, the CYBRTRK is so unique and so different it is carving its own path in auto history books. Whatever happens to the Cybertruck, Tesla’s EV pickup will undoubtedly be remembered.

Featured Image Credit: @Supermantibody/Twitter

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