Tesla Cybertruck Reservations Hint at Texas' Love For EV Pickup Trucks


Tesla Cybertruck reservations reveal that the all-electric truck is actually getting some love from Texas, a state that is known for its fondness for big, tough, gas-guzzling pickup trucks. This is based on data crowdsourced from the Tesla community and shared on, a forum dedicated to the upcoming all-electric pickup. 

A look at the crowdsourced data reveals that Texas is second only to California when it comes to the number of Cybertruck reservations. This is quite surprising, especially considering that the state is one of the biggest markets for pickup trucks in the US, hands down. In Houston, for example, the go-to vehicle for consumers has been the pickup truck for decades. 

In fact, pickup trucks are so popular in Houston, TX that the Ford F-150 practically accounts for about a quarter of all new vehicle sales in the city. So popular are pickup trucks in Houston that the city’s website literally describes the volume of trash it will pick up in terms of space taken up by two pickup trucks. However, it is also important to note that Texas is also very loyal to tried and tested pickup brands, which explains the outright dominance of the Ford F-150 in the state. 


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This is something described by Gabriel Smart of Planet Ford in Houston. “When someone comes in for a Ford truck, it’s because that’s what their buddy drives, it’s what their dad drives, it’s what their granddad drives,” he said in a statement to author David H. Freeman

But things seem to be poised for change. Despite the Cybertruck’s radical, futuristic appearance, actual truck owners are warming up to the vehicle. Loup Ventures Managing Partner Gene Munster mentioned this in a recent blog post, where he discussed how longtime pickup truck owners perceived the Cybertruck. Quite surprisingly, the Cybertruck was met with more support than criticism from the longtime pickup owners. Some even stated that they would be purchasing the all-electric pickup. 

If Munster’s findings are any indication, it appears that the Cybertruck may be tapping into a broader market than initially speculated. The Cybertruck was dismissed by Tesla’s critics as a niche vehicle when it was unveiled. However, if large numbers of reservations are coming from states such as Texas, then it would appear like the radical new truck is attracting both new and experienced truck owners alike. If this is the case, then the Cybertruck may end up being one of Tesla’s most disruptive vehicles yet.

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