Tesla Cybertruck Production Is Around the Corner, as Tooling at Giga Texas Officially Kicks Off

Tesla Cybertruck Production Is Around the Corner, as Tooling at Giga Texas Officially Kicks Off

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Tesla will soon begin production of its Cybertruck as the equipment installation at Giga Texas has officially begun. The first deliveries are expected to take place in the second half of 2023.

Cybertruck remains one of the hottest topics in the Tesla community. The start of its production is scheduled for 2023, so any information related to this is of great interest. In its earnings report for Q3 2022, the manufacturer released information that made its customers and investors very happy.

According to Tesla's installed annual manufacturing capacity information, the production of Cybertruck is already in the tooling stage at Giga Texas. This suggests that the 9,000-tonne Giga Press, which arrived in Texas a few weeks ago, could already start being installed at the factory. If so, its installation and configuration can take several months. Since the giant machine is larger than those already in use by Tesla, it is impossible to predict a more precise build time. At this point, the time until mid-2023 seems more than enough to assemble it. In addition, besides Giga Press, it seems that other Cybertruck production equipment is already being installed as well, according to the status description.

The company's executives did not give other details about the production of Cybertruck. The question of whether the pickup truck will be powered by 4680 battery cells remains unanswered. However, earlier information that Tesla is installing a battery pack line for the Cybertruck in Fremont suggests that the company may be using other than only 4680 battery cells. However, there was also no mention of an alternative option other than that these battery cells would be made at Giga Nevada.

For now, Tesla's progress indicates that the company is on track to start Cybertruck production in the middle of next year. No delays or difficulties have been reported so far.

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