Tesla Cybertruck Bodies Spotted at Giga Texas Ahead of the Start of Production

Tesla Cybertruck Bodies Spotted at Giga Texas Ahead of the Start of Production

Photo: @JoeTegtmeyer/Twitter

Tesla Cybertruck bodies have been spotted at Giga Texas ahead of production start. Giga Press for the production of the electric pickup truck is already in Texas and these bodies can be used to calibrate its work.

Two Tesla Cybertruck-like objects were spotted at Giga Texas by drone operator @JoeTegtmeyer/Twitter. They were both neatly covered with a covering that fitted them perfectly. Upon closer look, it was noticeable that they did not have wheels and were placed on wooden pallets. According to the description, they arrived at the site on October 14 and were located in the northern part of the building, near the paint shop.

Production of Cybertruck is due to start in mid-2023, according to the company's plan. For this, the necessary equipment must be installed at Giga Texas and Tesla successfully is doing this. It was revealed last week that the 9,000-ton Giga Press, which is key equipment to starting production, has already arrived in Texas, but there is no word yet on when it will arrive at the factory.

It is likely that the bodies spotted will be used to calibrate the operation of the giant machine. The Giga Press is expected to take several months to assemble and calibrate, however the delivery of the Cybertruck bodies to Giga Texas may hint that Tesla will be in a rush to start production as soon as possible and start delivering the iconic pickup truck to roads around the world.

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