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Elon Musk Teases Remote Taser Feature For Tesla Cybertruck Owners


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Elon Musk teased the Tesla Cybertruck could come with a remote taser feature after he was tagged by a Twitter user. Out of all of Tesla’s innovative vehicle designs, the Cybertruck would actually be the one creation that perfectly fits a remote taser feature. 

@MichaelaOkla suggested a remote taser feature on her twitter account. “Installing all my security cameras rn and I would like to have a feature where I can ZAP people from my phone with the camera if they enter my home you know like a remote taser addition. To my security cameras?” she tweeted, tagging @elonmusk.

“Comes standard with Cybertruck,” replied Elon Musk. While most people probably laughed at Elon Musk’s response, there were perhaps a few who questioned whether or not he could be serious. 

A remoter taser feature doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility when talking about a bullet-proof EV pickup made of 30X cold-rolled stainless steel linked to SpaceX rockets or a truck that designed for humans on Mars. It would be a fitting improvement to Tesla’s Sentry Mode, too. With it, the Cybertruck would not only be able to monitor and record vandals, robbers, and the all-out bad guys but also protect itself from them.

“We [Tesla] want to be a leader in apocalypse technology,” joked Elon Musk during the Cybertruck’s feature on Jay Leno’s Garage. When the host asked him why bullet-proofing the pickup was necessary, he replied, “Because it is badass and super cool.”

Given Musk’s take on bullet-proofing the Cybertruck and the pickup’s design altogether, a remote taser addition seems a bit more likely. Although it would probably need regulatory approval. 

On a more serious note, however, Tesla seems to be close to deciding the location of its Cybertruck factory. Yesterday, Elon Musk revealed that Tesla had the option to purchase land in Texas, but had not made its final decision yet. The fight for Tesla’s Cybertruck factory has been narrowed down to Texas and Tulsa. 

Recent news indicates that Texas might have a slight lead, as supported by talk that the state is already discussing incentives it could offer Tesla. However, Tulsa isn’t giving up. Just recently, Tulsa offered free ice cream to Tesla if the company chose to build its Cybertruck Gigafactory—or Terafactory--in Oklahoma.  

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