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Tesla Cybertruck Shines at Michigan Formula SAE, Attracting New Talent

by Eva Fox May 23, 2022

Tesla Cybertruck Shines at Michigan Formula SAE, Attracting New Talent

Photo: u/DifferentLow4875/Reddit

Tesla Cybertruck shines at Michigan Formula SAE by attracting new talent. Employees of the company conducted several interviews with the participants, and also drove them around.

Tesla Cybertruck was spotted at the Michigan Formula SAE and was very attractive to those present. Tesla employees set up their booth there in order to conduct interviews with the participants of the competition and attract talent to work at the company. The students got the opportunity to see Cybertruck in detail as they rode in it. The manufacturer has always strived to hire the most talented people, and such an initiative at such an event is a very good move. Tesla has previously recruited former students who took part in Formula SAE. This time the company also sponsored the event.

The Formula SAE competition features teams of undergraduate and graduate students who have designed, developed, built, and raced small Formula-style cars. The competition is an engineering education competition that requires the performance of vehicles to be demonstrated in a series of events, both off-track and on-track against the clock. Each competition gives teams the opportunity to showcase their creativity and engineering skills against teams from other universities around the world, the organizer explains.

Teams must assume that they work for an engineering firm that designs, manufactures, tests, and demonstrates a prototype vehicle and act accordingly. The car they develop must be of high performance and be strong enough to successfully pass all the stages of the Formula SAE competition.

Formula SAE promotes career advancement and excellence in mechanical engineering, so interested companies are joining to attract students. One of the participants, u/DifferentLow4875/Reddit, went through an interview with Tesla employees, and even took a picture of Cybertruck.

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