Tesla CyberTruck “It Came From Beyond”

by Eva Fox May 22, 2020

Tesla CyberTruck “It Came From Beyond”

Tesla Cybertruck, which has impressive features, is perhaps the most versatile vehicle. Strong, roomy, safe, fast and beautiful, he has already conquered many hearts and minds.

Cybertruck has become a muse to the community. It has inspired many people to get creative with the Cybertruck’s image. Tesla CEO Elon Musk and all the companies he heads have become a source of creative inspiration for people from all walks of life.

Joe Sill, who already shot the amazing Tesla Model S ads in 2016, once again was inspired by Musk and the Tesla team. Joe Sill is not just a fan of Tesla, but also an award-winning director. This time he was inspired by the stunning Cybertruck. The result of this inspiration was an incredible video that reveals Cybertruck's essence in the best possible way.

In the video descriptio we can read:

"Six years ago, I made a video about a young boy jettisoning his father's Model S into outer space. I did this out of my love for the Tesla brand, and the imagination it gave to creators like myself. And recently, after a few months of quarantining here in Los Angeles, I decided to start a new little project at home to stay creative and keep myself busy. With two weeks and a laptop, this is what I ended up with."



Indeed, Cybertruck looks as if it is not from our time. It seems that it came from beyond.

SpaceX has already expanded the boundaries of humanity in the perception of space, but the plans of the Musk have something more - to conquer Mars. Cybertruck may well come up as a transport on which people can move around the surface of a red planet, so why not? Musk's imagination knows no bounds...

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