Tesla Cybertruck Spotted after Successful Bulletproof Testing

Tesla Cybertruck Spotted after Successful Bulletproof Testing

  • Tesla Cybertruck spotted driving down a public road after bulletproof testing.
  • During testing, not a single Tommy gun bullet penetrated the interior, Elon Musk confirmed.
Cybertruck is full of mysteries and pleasant surprises. This is a very complicated product to produce. However, there are many reasons to look forward to it. The pickup truck looks like a futuristic armored personnel carrier, which generally matches its description. An angular exterior, a large bed, a durable stainless steel body that did not deform even from a blow with a heavy sledgehammer, and armored windows protect passengers even from the most unexpected situations.

Apparently, Tesla really designed the Cybertruck for all situations and recently conducted important testing. The unusual pickup truck was recently spotted by a member of the Tesla Silicon Valley Club. The left side of the Cybertruck was in dents, reminiscent of bullet marks. Dozens of shots struck the driver and passenger doors but left only dents. Responding to a post on X containing a video of the truck, Elon Musk confirmed the suspicions. The Cybertruck was fired at by “the entire drum magazine of a Tommy gun into the driver door Al Capone style. No bullets penetrated into the passenger compartment.” This mind-blowing testing highlighted the superior properties of the steel beast.

The body of Cybertruck, like the SpaceX's Starship, is made of cold-rolled steel. This is a unique alloy developed by the Tesla and SpaceX teams. It provides ultra-durability and can protect occupants in a wide variety of situations. This can be very important for police cars to ensure the safety of police officers who, for example, are caught in a street shootout. In 2020, Tesla received an order for 15 Cybertrucks from Cuidad Valles, a municipality in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

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