Tesla Cybertruck Now Spotted in Giga Texas Building After Recent Appearance in NYC

Eva Fox by Eva Fox May 14, 2021

Tesla Cybertruck Now Spotted in Giga Texas Building After Recent Appearance in NYC

Photo: Terafactory Texas/YouTube

Tesla Cybertruck was spotted in a Giga Texas building that is under construction. The electric pickup was on the second floor, and its steel gleamed playfully in the sunlight.

Tesla continues to build its largest factory. Giga Texas will be home to almost the entire line of Tesla vehicles, including the Cybertruck. In April, Tesla CEO Elon Musk visited the construction site and thanked the builders for their work. This was the first documented time that the steel beast was found in Giga Texas. Now, Cybertruck has reappeared at the construction site, this time not attracting much attention.

The factory observer Terafactory Texas/YouTube filmed Cybertruck parked on the second floor of a long north-south building. However, the author of the video did not even notice this, and the steel beast was caught by attentive viewers only after the video was published.

At the moment, the details of this visit remain unknown, as well as whether this is the same Cybertruck that was recently demonstrated in New York. However, we are aware of the existence of at least two prototypes, so this may be one of them. It is also worth considering that the Cybertruck team in Fremont may also be busy building prototypes, so it is likely that there are already more than two of them.

Cybertruck production is scheduled to begin in 2021, although the start of Model Y production at Giga Texas is a high priority. But, if everything goes according to plan, then the first batches of pickups will begin to roll off the assembly line as early as 2021, according to Musk. At the moment, the construction of the factory in Austin is proceeding at a fairly rapid pace, so there is every reason to believe Tesla will achieve this goal.

Cybertruck is captured on video starting at 7:04:

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