Tesla Opens First Store in Hungary & Launches Ordering Site

Tesla Opens First Store in Hungary & Launches Ordering Site

Tesla Model 3 in a pop-up store in Croatia. Photo: Avenue Mall

Tesla officially opened a pop-up store in Budapest, Hungary today and launched a website in Hungarian. Now locals can inspect the car and place an order online.

At the end of March, it became known that Tesla would open its first store in Hungary. It was supposed to be a pop-up store, scheduled to open in mid-April. However, there were delays related to the pandemic and the opening did not take place until mid-May.

A few days ago, Tesla's team began to erect a stand in one of the shopping centers. Today, at 10:00 a.m., the pop-up store located in Budapest at the MOM Park mall officially opened. A pop-up store is a temporary stand that can be moved to any location. Usually, such stores are located in crowded places where they attract a lot of attention. Tesla has been using stores like this for a long time in various countries to raise people's awareness of their cars and other products.

In addition, the company launched an official ordering page on its website in Hungarian with prices for the local market. Model 3 Standard Range costs HUF14,999,900 (about $51,000), Long Range HUF19,499,900 (about $66,500), Performance HUF22,499,900 (about $76,700).

By opening its first store and launching an ordering site in Hungarian, Tesla officially entered the market of Hungary. The company also plans to open a service center soon. All of these steps will further increase the propensity of residents of the country to buy Tesla vehicles. Tesla's two largest drivers of demand are charging infrastructure and service centers. There are currently seven Supercharger stations in Hungary and they will be complemented by a service center and shop.

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